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It always sounds so easy, doesn't it? Grab a copy of Wordpress, buy an expensive theme for it, and start raking in the profits selling your product on ClickBank.

Except that's never how it works out. First you have to figure out how to use Wordpress – not a simple task. Then there's protecting your Thank You Page from unauthorized downloads, dealing with setting up servers and figuring out hosting, adhering to ClickBank's guidelines for selling your product, the list goes on. It's no wonder so many Vendors fail.

Then, after you've got it setup and added your theme, you realize your visitors aren't hanging around. Most Wordpress themes look like garbage, and most visitors will leave once they see it. That's not a good combo for your bank account.

So how do you get up and running and selling your product on ClickBank with no fuss?

As luck would have it, a new service called PitchMagic was just released. Created for ClickBank Vendors like yourself, it allows you to create a profitable Pitch Page and Thank You Page in no time.

This isn't just another shoddy Wordpress theme, it's a custom service built for Vendors.

PitchMagic raises the bar. Here's how:

* Over 300 professional templates to choose from, making your site look like a million bucks.
* Create, edit, and delete your content by simply dragging and dropping.
* Automated formatting of your content so it always look good.
* Customize the look and feel without uglying up your site.
* No software to install or servers to setup.
* No need to worry about HTML, CSS, javascript, php, hosting, or any other technical hurdles to trip you up.
* Premier email support

Just for Vendors:

* Create a protected Thank You Page for your customers to access your product.
* Upload your product file.
* Automatically link up your Buy Now Button to your ClickBank account.
* Step by step guide shows you how to get up and running on ClickBank.
* Includes everything you need to get approved by ClickBank.

Interested? Click below to check out what PitchMagic has to offer:

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All said, PitchMagic really takes it to a new level. Sure, those junky and complicated Wordpress themes might seem like they'll do the job, but who has the time or energy to waste? PitchMagic is so much easier you'd be crazy not to give it a try.

And with their no-questions 60 day money-back guarantee, premier customer support, and constantly updating software, you have nothing to lose – and a whole load more conversions and profits to gain.

Sign up for PitchMagic now!

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